What is Molasses?

The Molasses is an essential ingredient used in smoking the Nargile. It consists of diverse tobacco leaves, in which a wide variety of savors can be explored, along with a distinct aroma, depending on the additives and sugarcane blended within the mixture.

The term “Molasses” was launched in the 19th century in Egypt, during the Ottomans’ conquest. People used to smoke what was called “Tombak”, a type of Tobacco that was planted and grown in the fields of Turkey and Iran, where its process of preparation was extremely simple and its quality was merely judged by its kind.

The Egyptians have faced numerous dilemmas during these times, one of which was where to bring the Tobacco from? As a result of this specific yet vastly confusing question, they started producing alternative Tobacco out of Coconuts.  They would follow simple steps/ procedures in order to obtain a substitute/stand in products. The initial step was to punch two holes in the coconut with the intention of extracting the milk in the interior of the pulp, preceded with replacing the rubber tube with a bamboo stick and finally, using burnt clay to place the Tobacco on. Ultimately, the Shisha was created and was considered to be the invention of the century. This innovative creation was called “Gouza” back then and evolved into the concept of “ Shisha” today.

There is a legendary tale telling the story of a man who was having dinner in Egypt, while the man was enjoying the famous Egyptian desert – which is made of bread and a certain malazzez extorted from sugarcane-  an unusual sudden idea occurred to him, why not use this Molasses to give the Tobacco a unique texture, and include a zesty flavor to smoking, why not turn this ordinary tendency/habit into a luxurious fresh experience, and that exhilarating notion was the core of the Nargile Tobacco as we know it today, Tobacco with sweet syrupy Molasses  was the known by the term “Massell”.

The industry developed, and the tobacco got mixed with various flavors. The competition started between the companies in this field until it became the Nargile tobacco as we know it today.

The industry of Tobacco developed and a wide variety of flavors were mixed with the Tobacco, competitive attitudes and eager rivals that emerged with the industry of history, and so did the Nargile Tobacco, the premium brand.

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